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Morocco travel advice

US, EU, EEA, Swiss and Australian Citizens

The American, the European Union, the Swiss and Australian Citizens traveling to Morocco will not need a visa to enter the country if you are travelling as a tourist for less than 3 months.
You will need:

Whole page of your passport for entry stamp, so make sure you have enough space.
Valid passport at the time of entry and departure. Make sure your passport is stamped correctly, otherwise you might have problems to leave the country.

EEA countries

Liechtenstein and Norway
citoyens suisses visa maroc

No visa required counties

All this countries do not need a visa to enter Morocco

Japan & Panama
Argentina & Barbados
Brunei & Singapour
Hong Kong
Corea & Paraguay
Bolivie & Canada
Serbia & Taiwan
New Zealand
Maurice & Bahamas
Costa Rica
Honduras & Mexico
Uruguay et Venezuela
pays visa maroc

EU member countries

United Kingdom
France & Spain
Czech Republic
Romania & Sweden
Germany & Slovakia
Bulgaria & Cyprus
Slovenia & Estonia
Finland & Croatia
Danemark & Greece
Hungary & Belgium
Ireland & Italy
Latvia & Lithuania
Malte & Netherlands
Poland & Portugal

Other countries

Citizens of countries not previously mentioned like South Africa will need a visa to enter the Kingdom of Morocco. We suggest asking
Please for more information, you can ask the Embassy of Morocco in your country. You can also check out Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Marrakech Prices

Marrakech is an inexpensive city compared to any top tourist destination in Europe or the United States. Most of your budget will be destined for the flights and accommodation since the price of food, drinks, souvenirs, museums, and other attractions are relatively cheap.

  • Double room in one of the best riads of Marrakech

    From 110 € per night(£90 – $120)

  • Double room in an inexpensive riad

    From 50 € per night (£37 – $55)

  • Small or big Taxi from Menara Airport to the city center

    100 dirhams

  • Freshly squeezed orange juice in Jemaa el-Fnaa

    4dhs at the terrace 20 dhs

  • A taxi ride from the square to the new town

    about 20 dhs

  • A bottle of wather

    6 dhs and if is it cold you can give him 7dhs

  • Dinner for two in a relatively good restaurant

    from 190 dhs

  • A metal Teapot

    about 150dhs for a small one, depending on the size

  • Saffron

    1g/90dhs it’s called red gold


It is not necessary to give it, only when you find a nice people loud services at the desired level. Examples: Restaurants, Riad, Drivers, taxi…
When you give it, you will see a beautiful smile in their faces, as they consider it helpful.
It is customary to leave between 10% and 15% tip in restaurants. If you take a taxi and the driver has put the taximeter, you can also give a 10% tip.

Haggling | Negotiation

Bargaining does not exclude anyone in Marrakech as a part of lifestyle, as in the rest of the Arab world. You will have to bargain and bargain (whether you want or not) in the city markets, shops and taxi drivers … basically everywhere except restaurants and hotels.

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